The Cat's Eye Project is a group of animal lovers whose purpose is to stop euthanasia of feral and stray cats and promote a program of neutering/spaying. The Cat's Eye Project stands for :

Counties' Alliance To Sterilize and End Yesterday's Euthanasia
"Watching over animals and being their voice."

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Just a little Volusia County land – just temporary use of it, not ownership – can save thousands of lives and millions of dollars.

The numbers of healthy, innocent puppies and dogs, cats and tiny kittens being killed annually by Volusia County and its cities’ local governments are still in the thousands and taxpayers are still stuck with paying the
exorbitant cost of these killings we don’t want!

Yet, these heartless killings are not making even a dent in our out of control pet overpopulation crisis.

Obsolete animal control policy is not controlling the problem!

Citizen volunteers’ alternative solutions – spaying-neutering, trap-neuter-return, fostering and adoption – are succeeding, but cannot complete the transition to a No-Kill animal control-and-care system until sanctuaries are established for relocating sterilized animals that don’t get adopted and cannot be returned to their original outdoor homes.

Animal activists are begging our county council (working with our city governments) to provide property for sanctuary. 

Council members appear to be listening and considering. Council knows hundreds or thousands of this county’s citizen volunteers who already give time, energy and most of our income to saving cats and dogs by our own means gladly will help care for animals housed in sanctuaries. Readers, please confirm – quickly! -- via phone calls, letters and emails to your Council representative that a Volusia sanctuary is needed!

Pet overpopulation can be contained without killing. San Diego proved it decades ago. Other cities across America copied. Jacksonville-Duval is proving it.

Our time is now!

Sterilization of all pets – which can cost as little as one-third the million dollar cost of killing – and sanctuary, backed up by smaller trap-neuter-return colonies, is the solution.

In a few years, killing our surplus pets will be only a bad memory. Our only concern will be how could we have been so barbaric in the past? There will be peace for our pets and a clear conscience for us humans. Hurry that day. Tell County Council we need a sanctuary!

This is BAXTER. He and his family were used for target practice and were full of BB's when they were  rescued. His mom and siblings now have forever homes. Baxter is friendly and playful. He is about 11 weeks  old, is neutered and has had his first  set of shots. Please call (386) 740-0651 if you have space in  your heart and home for him.

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