The Cat's Eye Project is a group of animal lovers whose purpose is to stop euthanasia of feral and stray cats and promote a program of neutering/spaying. The Cat's Eye Project stands for :

Counties' Alliance To Sterilize and End Yesterday's Euthanasia
"Watching over animals and being their voice."


Please send a photo and short description of your pet and we will place it on our FEATURED PET section, or on this page. Send photos to eraserhead

BUDDY, rescued after being abandoned 12 years ago. Likes to do a Vulcan Mind Meld and hold his forehead to mine. Doesn't do anything but give love. Looks like a Labrador when he gets a shave-down. 
We lost Buddy to a strange illness and diabetes in 2009. Our hearts are still broken.

BELLYRINA  Purrfect nature, beautiful markings, friendly, intelligent, loving, spade female cat was tossed out in my yard. Guess I won the lottery. She is beautiful. I used to call her Soccermom because she was so round and fat. She follows like a puppy and is a peaceful and joyous cat. eraserhead

CHOCOLATE is the 6th generation grandson of my beloved "6O'clock" who has crossed the rainbow bridge. He has the same gentle and affectionate nature and loves to be held and petted. eraserhead

CLANCY was almost lost when his master died. He was found at his master's side, 2 days later, and whisked off to Halifax. It took a lot of detective work to find him, and even more pressure to get him back. He was the greeter at Chrysalis Spiritual Center and one of the members was fortunate to give him a home. Clancy is a sort of laid back and stately dog. He loves everybody and is warm and friendly. Photo by eraserhead.

LOOK AT this cute face. You have to love it! A ferret lover dresses up this little fella and makes public appearances in the central Florida area. He used to wear a sailor suit, but it is hard to tell who he is today. Photo taken at DeLand Mardi Gras Dog Parade 2010 by eraserhead.

FLOAT AT MARDI GRAS PARADE in DeLand. This angel is looking out for the animals and the dog and cat at her side.  Photo by eraserhead.

Luci2 and Desi. Look at little Luci2, she weighs under 2 lbs. Desi is a real lover. They are both very polite and well mannered. Desi is a cuddly lap-lover.

Nemo is a rescue from West Volusia Humane Society. He was found running through traffic on a busy highway. In this photo he weighs about 7 lbs. 9 oz. He had a serious illness and for some reason he ballooned into an unbelievable 17 lbs. We are trying to get his weight down. 

Little Stevie after his eye surgery.
 Little Stevie was pulled from a kill pit just hours away from euthanasia by a volunteer for ARK. They begged me to foster him because I had experience with blind dogs. About 2 weeks after I took him home his right eye began to swell and became huge and painful. He was suffering so much that Dr. Holder recommended removing his eye. The operation was very painful and his little face and head swelled bigger and bigger. He had a long period of recovery, but now I don't believe he notices his eye is missing.

Little Stevie has learned the boundaries of the yard, how to jump on the couch (and off), which doorways have steps and where the cats rest. He knows to follow my voice and footsteps because I won't lead him into an obstacle. What a brave little boy he is. Of course, I could never let him go to another home after we went through so much together. He is the light of my life. 

Kiwi was my companion for 18 years
Kiwi cared for me when my husband died. I was sleeping on the couch and although she had never slept with me before she jumped into my sleeping bag with me and slept by my side every night until she passed away. Kiwi had beauty, intelligence and empathy. Her last years she was both blind and deaf and finally she had a condition that I call "dogsheimers". It was very painful for us to witness, knowing that one day soon she would leave us. Once in a lifetime you find a friend like Kiwi!