The Cat's Eye Project is a group of animal lovers whose purpose is to stop euthanasia of feral and stray cats and promote a program of neutering/spaying. The Cat's Eye Project stands for :

Counties' Alliance To Sterilize and End Yesterday's Euthanasia
"Watching over animals and being their voice."

Monday, June 21, 2010


June 19th about 60 people representing themselves and animal rescue and anti-abuse groups met at the Volusia County Fairgrounds as guests of County Councilman Andy Kelly, his wife Cissy, and his family. During the first hour attendees were invited to introduce themselves and give a brief description of the scope of each group.

Represented were: Sophie's Circle, Rescued Hearts, Angels Have Whiskers, Halifax Humane Society, Dale Arrington, Prison Pups and Pals, The Cat's Eye Project, Bob Baird, Jeanine Colletti, Volusia County Veterinary Medicine Association, West Volusia Humane Society, We Help Animals, Inc., DeLand, Animal Hospital, Becky Wilson, West Volusia Friends of Felines, West Volusia Kennel Club, Tomoka Correctional Institution, DeLand Animal Hospital, A.R.K., Volusia County Spay-Neuter Bus, Concerned Citizens For Animal Welfare, Lake County Animal Control, and others. Many in the crowd were individuals who spend all their extra time and money feeding and caring for abandoned or abused animals of all species, or maintaining a feral colony. Several young people and children helped greet and seat animal lovers when they entered the meeting room.

Mr. Kelly began the program stating that there is no email list for the combined groups and the movement needs a web site and a Facebook page. He suggested that someone might be responsible for keeping the dialogue open between the groups and that public awareness and advertising might bring recognition to the problems facing the county concerning animal control. A representative of West Volusia Friends of Felines offered information provided by an authority on feral cats (Dr. Julie Levy of University of Florida) estimating there may be 4000 to 4500 ferals in the West Volusia area.

The first speaker, Becky Wilson -- officer with Volusia County Animal Control, told the group about the challenges that animal control faces and their many accomplishments in the past.

Dale Arrington also spoke as did several others. We will provide a more elaborate description of the remainder of the meeting when we have double-checked our information.

A second meeting was scheduled for 10 A.M. July 17 at the same location in building 2 behind the Agricultural Center at the Volusia County Fairgrounds. For more information email

(386) 740-5224 Fax: (386) 822-5707

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