The Cat's Eye Project is a group of animal lovers whose purpose is to stop euthanasia of feral and stray cats and promote a program of neutering/spaying. The Cat's Eye Project stands for :

Counties' Alliance To Sterilize and End Yesterday's Euthanasia
"Watching over animals and being their voice."

Friday, May 28, 2010



   What’s wrong with this sentence:Six million beautiful, healthy, happy kittens, puppies, dogs and cats are euthanized each year in our country, thousands of them annually in your county, killed by your taxes!Clue to answer: See the dictionary’s definition of euthanasia.


   Euthanasia is derived from a Greek word that means easy death. If you think “euthanasia is the correct term for governmental kill contracts taken out on dogs and cats, go see how “easy” these life-loving victim’s deaths are. Choose a Kill-Site and go watch sweet-eyed dogs become dogs with terror-filled eyes as, one after the other, they are led from their cages to Death Row and the assembly line killings. Watch doomed dogs drag their feet all the way to the executioners, because they know they are going to die!Easy”?
   Observe life flow from the innocents when the official euthanizerssuddenly press a deadly, often painful, heart-stick needle on the trusting, surprised animals’ hearts.

   Witness the executions of tiny, squirming, adorable little kittens mewing in protest of their just-starting-out lives being stolen away from them. See and understand why gentle grown cats are mistakenly identified by euthanizers as feral or “wild”, only because they fought so ferociously to defend their lives from murder.

   Go witness these killings for yourself (if you’re allowed, or can find a way to)  and that horrible firsthand experience will change your attitude toward euthanasia”. If you have a heart, you will immediately be turned into an animal advocate and animal activist. You’ll join the nationwide No Kill movement, like the growing masses of other concerned citizens.

   Unlike the victims of erroneously labeled “euthanasia”, you don’t have to go through all that, not if you can see the truth and comprehend the injustice of this situation just by reading this article intended to educate about the cruel inaccuracy of the word euthanasia.

   “Euthanasia,” by dictionary definition is “the act or practice of killing persons or domestic animals that are hopelessly sick or injured, for reasons of mercy.”

   How, in anyone’s misguided mind, can killing a healthy animal possibly be defended as a “mercy killing”?
   It is time to stop the killing! You, the citizens, working with your local government, have the power to demand reform in national and local animal control policies, choosing life for the animals, not the erroneously labeled “euthanasia, which is not euthanasia at all!

   Simple sterilization of pets is the effective, economical and humane alternative solution for getting our pet overpopulation problem under control without killing!

   Please help us hurry the day when no more innocent healthy cats and dogs will die by humans’ hands and humans’ stupidity. Please do your part to help us take a first step toward creating ositive change by making it a point always to correct anyone you hear or read who uses the word “euthanasia” when referring to the killing of a healthy dog or cat.
   Please step in unapologetically and adequately educate anyone and everyone you hear call it “euthanasia”, anytime, anywhere you hear that grievous error, no matter who it was who made that tragic mistake. Make everyone understand: “IT’S NOT EUTHANASIA!”

   We must all effectively repeat these three little words over, and over, and over, loud and clear, wherever we go, until our message is heard and understood and the killing stops!  
   Letting it continue being called euthanasia is no mere matter of semantics. It’s a matter of life and death! Please help us make heard our battle cry for the innocent animals who cannot speak for themselves. Shout it out, over and over:IT”S NOT EUTHANASIA!!!

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